Here are some of my students' work:
Mock Mola Classes
Slow and Steady Turtle quilts
Notan Design Class

Mock Mola Appliqué Class

The last class of the last driving tour (November 2016) was in Calgary at My Sewing Room.
I shall miss being able to teach this class so often in our travels!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing all my students' work over the years.
Scroll down to see the classes in reverse order.


In November of 2016 I taught the class in Williamsburg VA.
It was a select group, but we had lots of fun!

Here's the group shot of my class in Erie PA.
What creativity - there were a few of them who decided to use more than one colour,
and one was double-sided (and very nearly finished in class!)

Velma did a simple patchwork block, and it looked fantastic!
(These designs don't have to be fancy to be gorgeous!)

Here are the two sides of Karon's piece - same design, different fabric and cutting:


I taught the Mock Mola class in Burlington Ontario in October 2016.
I am constantly amazed at the designs everyone brings in to do!
Aren't they beautiful?

Here's the class from Colorado Springs in September 2016.
It's always great to teach this class IN a quilt shop!

I just received these three pictures from one of my students from the Miami class earlier in 2016.
Sr Clare has been very busy with this technique since I was there!
In these pieces, she has added metallic threads, appliqué, extra layers of fabric, and fancy quilting stitches.


The first class of our last Big Driving tour was in Steamboat Springs Colorado.
A small class, but everyone was together at every stage of the work,
and they all got finished by the end of class!

We flew up to Palmer Alaska in July 2016 for a quick visit.
The Valley Quilters' Guild did some lovely Mock Mola pieces during class at the Railway station!

Ann Arbor Michigan in May 2016 - last class of 13 on this tour!

And Metro Detroit guild, also in May.

The morning after a wonderful response from the Black Swamp quilters in Bowling Green Ohio,
17 quilters worked hard all day and mostly completed their work.
Such stunning designs!

We had fun at the Eatonton Georgia class for the Lake Oconee Quilt Guild in early May 2016.
After a Notan class the previous day, nobody did a design from that class, but came up with their own!

Here are a couple of closeups of their pieces:


It was a small but fun class in Blairsville Georgia at the end of April.
I loved all the different designs they did!

We had some lovely designs at the Stuart Florida class in April 2016.

With some closeups - two designs the same with different fabrics,
and the turtle you can't see in the pic above.


The class in Miami Florida was different:  we lost all power to the building at about 11:15, just as everybody was getting sewing,
We still had a good time, though, as this picture shows.

The next day, I got two pictures of finished pieces from Pam and Priscila!

We had a return engagement in Gainesville Florida and a few of my students (from FOUR years ago!)
brought their pieces.  Thanks for bringing them for me to see!

Anne just sent me this finished fish from the Mock Mola class with the
Brazos Bluebonnet Quilt Guild (Texas, y'all!) last fall.
I love what she's done with thread painting on the bottom, and the quilting to finish it off.

In Prescott AZ we had a great day!  Lots of wonderful designs and everyone got theirs pretty much finished.
(And yes, the teacher was lying down on the job ... again!)

Susan Joy used one of her own designs to create this wonderful piece below.
She says she's created at least 300 more of these kind of designs - PERFECT for Mock Mola!!!
If you're interested in doing one of her Stitch 'n' Reveal designs, visit her website at
If you use the discount code SINGINGQUILTER at checkout, she'll give you 20% off!
(I think that's a sweet deal!)

After a last minute room change, we finally got started on our class in Tulsa at the beautiful library there.
We worked very hard in close quarters, and this was the result!

Today in Edmond Oklahoma, I had a small but VERY capable class.
They also finished all their quilts before the meeting tonight.
That giraffe really is showing some attitude!

A couple of days later, Joan sent me this picture of her tree all finished, with a beautiful faux-piped binding!

Our first stop on our 3 month long spring tour was in Corpus Christi Texas.
This was the first group EVER where everyone finished their quilts during class!
I'm so proud of everyone for this huge accomplishment!

Here are a couple of closeups:

The Circle Twins and the Rainbow Girls!

I began my final year of Big Touring with a flight to McAllen Texas, and a very capable and enthusiastic group! 
One student even made two Mock Mola quilts during class!

This is the second quilt she made in class - a 2-colour abstract piece.

After the McAllen class, Laura kept on making Mock Mola quilts!  Here's one that she combined with machine embroidery (for the words)

And then they had a mega-showing of their quilts the next day at the meeting.  Awesome!

I've just taught the final class of our fall tour to Texas (2015) - everyone did such a great job, and I'm still getting pictures of finished pieces in my email!
We start with some of the class at the Greater Houston Quilt Guild.


A day later I received these two pictures from Charlene and Gina in my email. They finished!

I did the class in Nassau Bay TX at the local quilt shop.  We went outside to take the final picture!

Here's what the class in Bryan TX made during class. 
Carol sent her flowers quilt afterwards, once she had it finished.
And I just love Debbie's 2-colour abstract piece!


We began our fall tour (2015) in Santa Barbara CA.  Below are a few pictures from that day, PLUS
a picture of one of the students from my class in Kona Hawaii last February!  Thanks, Ulla for coming
to show me your Mock Mola piece!


I must show you the results of my newest class:  FRACTURED MOCK MOLA!
I taught it for the first time on the Aloha Quilt cruise (15 days round trip from Vancouver to Hawaii in Sept/Oct 2015)
I had 14 students in 2 days create some wonderful pieces.
Thanks for trying out this newest chapter in Mock Mola!


A wonderful return visit to Lindsay Ontario to begin our spring (2015) driving tour - love these Mock Mola pieces!

Every year the Fox Valley Technical College in Oshkosh Wisconsin hosts a quilting weekend.
Here is my Mock Mola Class from March 20, 2015 - the first day of spring.

February in Hawaii at Quilting on the Beach retreat. (It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it!)
Here's what my Mock Mola class did. Look at those happy faces all around!

We started our 2015 touring season in Denver for Colorado Quilting Council.
The students in the Mock Mola class had some great ideas.


Here's the class in Dryden Ontario. Lots of them really pushed the envelope, with extra colours and added quilting.

The red and white hearts quilt was reversible!

Four great pieces from Windsor Ontario, October 2014


I taught the class today, May 17th, in Plaistow New Hampshire. Almost everyone finished during class time.
And such great designs, too - love the penguins! Thanks everyone, for your great work!

The class in Sarnia Ontario (May 2014) was so enthusiastic!  Look at what they made!

Mary sent this finished quilt from the class in Amelia Island a month ago. What gorgeous quilting, too!

Jen from Tallahassee has just sent pics of FOUR pieces, all of which she's made since the class last month! Beautiful work, Jen!


Our last gig in Florida on this tour (2014) resulted in these wonderful pieces from Tallahassee. There are more to come from this class.


I had a lovely day on Amelia Island, Florida with a bunch of very keen Mock Mola-ers!


This is the class from The Villages, Florida, in  March of 2014.


A visit to the West Texas quilt guild, and a Mock Mola class at Quiltworks in Cypress Texas for the guild resulted in these stunning works!


Welcome to 2014!  I will be teaching this class a lot during this tour, and here are some of the recent results.
First, a stop in Tucson Arizona!


I'm back on the road again (fall 2013), with a tour to Texas and visit to the Houston Quilt Festival.
I've taught the Mock Mola class twice this week, and here are the results!
Oooh, I love these pieces!

This is the class in Abilene:


This is the class in Keller, Texas: the picture on the right is two sisters who did the same pattern - but with different fabrics.
They look quite different, don't they?


Dot, from the Keller class sent me a picture of the piece she didn't quite get finished in class (because I made her piece the background!!!).
She finished it the next day. How modern and wonderful is this?
The best part is she won a ribbon for Best Art Quilt at her guild with it!

I had a quick visit back to Flagstaff Arizona to be part of Celebrate! Quilt Camp and Show in June of 2013.
I loved being able to teach a full day class of Mock Mola there.

Whitecourt Alberta is only an hour and a bit west of Edmonton. The class was the day after our concert there. Great to hang out with everyone an extra day!
Everyone had seen my episode of The Quilt Show already, and two gals made Notans before I even got there!
It was a very creative group.

The first class of the year was way up in Dawson City, Yukon.  This was my first trip to the Yukon and I'm delighted that I was able to teach a class there.

Margo, from Edmonds WA (there's a picture below of her with her owl) just sent a picture of what she did AFTER the class was over.
She's clearly been inspired by this technique!

In November we flew to Wichita Kansas to sing for the Prairie Quilters Guild - a huge guild!
I had a full class the next day, with a high proportion of completed pieces at the end of class.
Three gals decided to do reversible quilts, too!
The creativity was flowing, and there were many more pieces designed-in-heads before the end of the day.
Here are just a few of them:



Three weeks after the Edmonds class, Daleah sent me some pictures of quilts she has continued to make from the Mock Mola technique.
She's been very productive!  Here are four of the SEVEN she sent! Congratulations, Daleah!


In October 2012 we did a quick trip across the Strait to Edmonds WA to Quilters Anonymous.
Here are some pictures from that class:

Same pattern, two different positive/negative cuts!                              Margo's cute owl                                       Ardeth's Hawaiian breadfruit

I did a class out in rainy Hughenden, Queensland at The Poppy, and almost didn't leave.
There was water over one road and mud on the others.
It would have been great to stay there, though, and make some more Mock Molas!


It was a small but avid class in Mossman, in the Far North of Queensland.

Here are a few close-ups from the class:


My first class taught in Australia was a great success.
Everyone was left with just a bit of quilting to finish up their pieces.
We met in Narelle's home in Atherton, and it was fantastic for this class of 17.

This one is a double sided piece                                                These two are from the same fabric!

Sequim WA is just across the Strait of Juan de Fuca from where we live. 
We had a delightful couple of days with them, including a Mock Mola class!

We sang in Winnipeg for the Manitoba Prairie Quilt Guild
and they also had me teach a couple of classes.  Here is one from the end of the class,
followed by some completed ones they showed the next evening.


Evonne just sent me a picture of her finished piece from the Grants' Pass workshop last November.
She says: " The last time you saw it was in front of the class helping me see that it needed more work so,.....
at home I added more bubbles at the top and I really like it."
I do too.

In Tuckahoe NJ, we sang for the South Shore Stitchers, and I did a class for them the same day.
Great work!

I taught the class in Milford NH for the Souhegan Valley Quilters' Guild.
We had a GREAT day, with lots of laughing and designing.
Each class seems to take this technique a little further and I am constantly delighted (but not surprised)
by the absolutely stunning results.


After the Pepperell class (that night), Barbara sent this picture of her completed feathered heart piece.
She went home and kept cutting!
She got her 99 year old father to hold it for the picture.

In Pepperell, MA I had 12 keen students who all brought well thought-out ideas for their pieces.
Some tried things that no one else has, including a couple of Notans.

Our first performance and class ever in the state of Delaware - in the charming town of Lewes,
produced these beautiful pieces.  Check out the two-sided philodendron leaf.


Last June (2011), I taught the class in Flagstaff AZ
There, Cynthia had a great idea for a design, but I thought it would be too fiddly to do in a one-day class,
and I encouraged her to try something simpler for the first go.
She's just sent me what she made next - and they are GORGEOUS!
Congratulations, Cynthia! That's a lot of cutting!


Cobblestone Quilters Guild in Charleston SC filled the Mock Mola class with lots of energy.
EVERYONE finished their pieces by the end of the day, and got to go home early!
(Too bad I didn't bring the champagne.....)




The first class in February 2012 was in Gainesville Florida.  We had an afternoon to play with Mock Mola Appliqué.
Here are a few of the results:


January 2012 keeping warm with a full class in Pensacola, Florida



Grant's Pass OR:  On a very rainy and cool day in November 2011, the sun was dancing!

Pleasanton California (November 2011) has some great fabric for Mock Mola!

Here are some closeups so you can see them properly.

I've just taught my first class at Houston Quilt Festival - what a rush!
My 24 students were keen to try Mock Mola, and did beautiful work.
Fun was had, too. Lots of them said it was the perfect class for the end of Festival, when everybody was exhausted!

The class today (October 2011) in Newmarket for Region of York Quilters Guild went really well!
A high proportion of finished or almost finished quilts, and lots of great ideas.
Well done, ladies!

Lorrie from the Flagstaff class (June 2011) just sent me the result from her 2-sided Mock Mola piece.
It turned out beautifully! Now: which side will she show?

I taught the class in Lochristi Belgium in September 2011
Everyone was great with their ideas, and it was fun to see what they came up with!
The second one was based on a Notan design. 
Try Googling images for notan, and see what comes up. They're addictive!


Also in Belgium, the class in Kessel-Lo was sponsored by the local Bernina dealer.

I've just finished a day of teaching in Flagstaff (June 2011)
What a creative class! Here are some of the results.

Also in June 2011 we visited the La Habra CA guild.
Here are some of their pieces.

We got to sing and teach at the Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival in Utah (June 2011)
I was thrilled to see a couple of them close to completed by Show & Tell time!

And how about my students from Port Coquitlam (near Vancouver BC)?
They really got the idea of Mock Mola!

The gals from Salt Spring Island BC January 2011 class sent this picture of their finished pieces:

I taught the class in Sherwood Park Alberta, just before Christmas 2010, and received this photo from Matt Sparrow in January.
He's a long-arm quilter there.

This picture from the class in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. They're finished!

Here are a few pieces from Plattsburgh, NY:

        This one is done with Angelina fibres!!

The gals in Clifton Park NY did a great job on their Mock Mola designs!


I taught the class in Lebanon PA, April 2010.
(Pauline's quilt -last one- is called "Who Saw the Goose?")


Here are a few results from my class in Auburn Alabama in March, 2010.
Great work, y'all!!!

I taught the class at the Satin Moon Quilt Shop in Victoria BC
February 2010
Lois Toutant made this beautiful Mock Mola piece.
She's going to use it for a bag she's making.

Some of the class in Boise Idaho show off their results at the evening meeting.
November 2009
Aren't they gorgeous?

Here are two pictures from the workshop in Wrightwood California, September 9, 2009
On the right are my three youngest students!


This is the class I taught in Peterborough, Ontario in March 2009.


And a couple of pictures of students at Quilt Nebraska (in Lincoln) July 2009



Thank you, everyone, for giving this technique a try, and for being so creative!


Notan Design Class

In August 2012 I taught three one-hour demonstration classes at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham England.
We were working with paper and scissors and the concept of "Exploding the Square",
based on a technique by Jane Dunnewold which she calls "Expansion of the Square".
She, in turn has used the work of Dorr Bothwell and Marlys Mayfield ("Notan: The Dark-Light Principle of Design", Dover Publications 1968) to inform her tutorial.

We explored symmetrical designs, and then followed it up with asymmetrical and non-square designs.
Each design is formed by cutting a shape that enters and exits the same side of the paper, using every piece. Corners are not cut away.
We flip the cut shapes out so they form secondary patterns.
Can you see the original square/rectangle in each picture?

Single cut, symmetrical

Single cut, asymmetrical

Double Cuts:

Two-way symmetrical



Multiple Cuts:

I taught the class again in Flagstaff at Celebrate! Quilt Camp and Show in June 2013.
Three students worked very hard for three hours to create some beautiful Notans.
This is a very small sample of what they made.
Thanks Karen, Ina and Mary!



On my first visit to West Virginia EVER, I got to teach a full day Notan class. 
We spent the morning working with paper, then chose one design to make in fabric in the afternoon.
Gorgeous work!


Here are some of the fabric pieces they showed during my concert that evening.

In Victoria Texas (October 2013) we played with the Notan idea, in preparation for a Mock Mola class the next day.
Here are some of the pieces they created during the half-day class (all on paper).

Donna Carley has just sent me a picture of a Notan she created for her guild challenge.  Note the ribbon on this quilt!

Here's a group shot from the Sunset Slope Quilters in Grand Junction Colorado from December 2013. They finished the quilts for Show and Tell!
I love it that some have broken "rules" and come up with even more interesting pieces, AND that some have made more than one!

I'm teaching this class a couple of times on our spring 2014 tour.  Here are some results from these classes.

These are from the class in Tucson Arizona in March, some on paper, some finished quilts:


These ones are from Tallahassee Florida:


It's 2016 and our last full year of driving tours.  I'm enjoying all the shows and the teaching, especially when I get to teach a Notan class!
Here are some highlights from the class in Eatonton Georgia.  No sewing in this one, but we had fun with paper.


Slow and Steady Turtle Class

Maria Hamilton sent this after taking the class in 2008.                                This pink turtle is from Violette Hutchinson.

Sandy sent this picture of her finished quilt four days after the October 2009 class in Springfield Missouri!!
She calls it: Myrtle Shows off her New Roof.