The Singing Quilter Newsletter

December 2011

In this issue:

.    End of the Tour

.    Two Thousand Years of Christmas

.    New Pattern! "Hot and Cold"

. Upcoming tours

. What I'm working on

     Cathy Miller and her husband John Bunge, of Victoria BC Canada travel the world singing songs about quilts, quilters and quilting.  For further information, visit the website at Or email them at

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Happy December, everyone, especially new subscribers who signed up during this last tour! 

This last year has been extraordinary - very busy with new experiences.  I guess the highlight for me was singing at European Patchwork in France in September, tied with: singing the Panguitch song in Panguitch, Utah in June. And, of course, getting the songbook done.

John and I have been home for a week now, and, as always, there's lots to do.  I'm thoroughly ensconced in my sewing room again, though, which makes me happy.

I'm working on lots of things these days - getting ready for the Caribbean cruise from Fort Lauderdale - we leave on January 13th.  I bought all the fabric on the way home and now I'm cutting, cutting cutting - kits.

I've got some new ideas on how to use my Mock Mola appliqué technique, too, so I'm keen to try them out before we leave after New Year's.

I know this is a very busy time of year for everyone, but I do hope you take a minute to count your blessings and appreciate your amazing good fortune.  May you surround yourself with good friends and family, and may health and happiness infuse your holiday season.

Merry Christmas, everyone! (it's not too early to say that - we've seen decorated Christmas trees and lit lights already!!!)


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It's not too late to order
a copy of the
Singing Quilter Songbook
for Christmas!
(or put it on your list for Santa)

End of the Tour

We finished our fall touring with a drive across from Texas to California - getting cooler as we went!  The road followed the famous old Route 66 partway, and one of our diner stops reminded us of the old days.

I taught a couple of classes on the way home,
and we sang in Pleasanton, San Mateo, and Grants Pass OR

Pleasanton Mock Mola Class

Two days after we arrived home, we went into a the Grade three class at Tillicum School to talk about quilting in the pioneer days.  I haven't done any work with kids in many years, and it was great to meet them. They were very excited to see the quilts (and my guitar!)


Two Thousand Years of Christmas

In the years "BQ" (before Quilting) I would hit the road every November/December with two very good friends to tour a show we called
"Two Thousand Years of Christmas"
.  Eileen McGann and David K are very accomplished singer/songwriters and the blend of our three voices was magic.  In the show, we told stories about the social history of Christmas, and sang unusual seasonal songs from medieval times to today (some of which we wrote ourselves).  It was a very popular concert.

We toured the show for seven years across Canada, and recorded a CD of the songs.  While the stories are not on the CD, the music is a delightful combination of the old and the new - with some surprises (like our "Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks" version of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch").

The CD is now available as a download from CD Baby, just in time for Christmas.

If you want some new music in your life this Christmas, consider Trilogy's "Two Thousand Years of Christmas".

New Pattern:
Hot and Cold


After lots of people asked about a pattern for this fat quarter-sized quilt during this last tour (especially at Houston), I have finally made it!
It is one of my class samples for the Mock Mola™ - raw edge machine reverse appliqué class.

It uses one fat quarter piece of rainbow fabric, a piece of black overtop, batting and backing.
I made it in about 5 hours, including removing all the Golden Threads appliqué paper, after I sewed it.

Order this pattern from the website,


What I'm Working On

.  Two family baby quilts I'm working on, to be done before Christmas. 

.  Cutting kits for the Caribbean cruise in January

.  Making two more Mock Mola appliqué class samples

.  Trying out some landscape applications for Mock Mola - rock walls, cobblestones, etc.

. Writing a pattern for Australian Shadows quilt (see my website for a picture of this quilt)

.  Organizing a quilt that I can do on the spring tour by machine from my scrap bag

.  Yes, I'm still working on hexagons!!! 1/2" this time, in a snowflake pattern.

Upcoming Tours:

Spring Tour US and Canada:

January 13-23 2012  Caribbean cruise
Details at

Jan 26    Pensacola FL concert and workshop
Feb 2     Gainesville FL concert
Feb 4     Lake Worth FL concert
Feb 9     Charleston SC concert
Feb 10   Charleston SC workshop
Feb 14   Vittoria ON concert
Feb 15   Waterloo ON (2 concerts)
Feb 20   Durham NC

Mar 5      Lewes DE concert
Mar 6      Lewes DE workshop
Mar 7      Pepperell MA concert
Mar 8      Pepperell MA workshop
Mar 9      Milford NH concert
Mar 10    Milford NH workshop
Mar 12    Tuckahoe NJ concert
Mar 13    Tewkesbury MA concert
Mar 20    Dover NH concert

John is still booking our return from Florida via SC, Ontario, MA, NH, ME, IN, WI and Manitoba.  We're also planning our return to Australia in June and July next year. If you would like us to perform at your guild during any of these times, let us know.

For details on any of these performances, please get in touch, or visit the website where there are contact addresses for each performance.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  Feel free to share it in its entirety.  If you have any suggestions of things you would like to hear about, please get in touch at .
© Cathy Miller, December 2011