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October 2011

In this issue:

.    Singing Quilter Songbook has arrived!

.    See you at Houston!

.    What Cathy is working on

. Upcoming tours

. Quilting in Europe
Cathy and John with our hostess Brigitte in front of a field of begonias in Belgium.

Cathy Miller and her husband John Bunge, of Victoria BC Canada travel the world singing songs about quilts, quilters and quilting.  For further information, visit the website at Or email them at

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Welcome everyone, especially new subscribers who signed up at European Patchwork!  Our first time singing in France was phenomenal, with lots of friendly faces, sold-out shows and amazing quilts. I would like to extend a huge thank you to our sponsors (Les Éditions de Saxe and Carrefour Européen du Patchwork) for providing us with a custom-built concert hall and a high profile in the program. Merci beaucoup!

After the show, we spent a week in Belgium, where I was teaching for four days. Brigitte Mattens was a terrific host, translator and tour guide! Dank u!

We had a few days after the work was over to magically become tourists.  I've blogged about what we saw in Belgium, Holland and France.

We received the boxes containing my new songbook just before we left for Paris, and I'm very pleased with how they've turned out (and very glad they arrived when they did).

We arrived home last Thursday and leave again for 7 weeks this coming Thursday. Our travels will include a house concert at my brother's place near Meaford, Ontario, where I'll present him with his new quilt.  We'll do a number of shows in the Ontario area before driving down to the Festival of Quilts in Houston.  We'll work our way home via California and Oregon.

Once again, John and I will miss out on Canadian Thanksgiving AND American Thanksgiving this year.  Have some extra turkey for us!


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Monet's water lily pads in Giverny, France


68 songs, from all 5 Quilting CDs
ALL the sheet music, guitar chords and lyrics
and Tidbits from 11 years of singing for quilters.

 Here's how to Order

Available NOW

Houston Quilt Festival

From November 2-6 we'll be at the festival.
Come and visit us at Booth 1803

Here's my schedule while I'm there:

Concert (Friday 5-6pm)
Mock Mola Appliqué Class on Sunday morning!
Meet the Teachers (free) 2 1/2 hour shows
Thursday Nov. 3 2:30-3pm and
Saturday Nov. 5 12:30-1:00pm
"Stitched" movie screening Saturday 10:30-11:45
(This is the film following 3 art quilters as they prepare for the Houston show.
They used two of my songs in the soundtrack.)

Yes, for the first time, I'll be teaching at Houston, bringing my very popular "Mock Mola Appliqué" class to the masses!
I'm very excited about this opportunity.

Also my quilt "Insanity" has been accepted into the juried "World of Beauty" quilt show. 
Look for it in the miniature section!
It's been a couple of years since we had a booth at Houston,
and we'll be attending with the new CD and the new SONGBOOK.

Autographs are free!




What Cathy is working on:

.    I've started a new hexagon quilt  in a snowflake design, which should take only a year to do.  My goal is 4 hexes a day - I'm way past that already, even though I fell behind a bit in France....

.    My Aunt Jean is going to celebrate her 100th birthday in October.  She needs a song to celebrate her life. I'm writing it now.

.    Preparing the patterns and kits for the Caribbean cruise in January.

.    I'm dying to get back into the studio these days - there are lots of ideas floating around my head, but no time at home.  I guess I'll have to wait until December.

Upcoming Tours:

October 6   Maple Valley WA
October 13 Meaford ON house concert
October 17 Orangeville ON
October 18 Kingsville ON
October 19 Kingsville ON (Mock Mola class)
October 24 Erie PA
October 26 Newmarket ON
October 27 Barrie ON
October 29 Newmarket ON (Mock Mola class)

November 2-6 Houston Quilt Festival 
November 7   Fort Worth TX house concert
November 12 Pleasanton CA
November 13 Pleasanton CA (Mock Mola class)
November 16 San Mateo CA
November 21 Grants Pass OR

November 25  Victoria Tillicum Elementary School

Then in January 2012, come cruise with us to the Caribbean!
Details at
We still have spaces available, and are currently looking for a single to share with another woman (very nice) from Victoria.

John is still booking our return from Florida via SC, Ontario, MA, NH, ME, IN, WI and Manitoba.  We're also planning to return to Australia next year. If you would like us to perform at your guild during any of these times, let us know.

For details on any of these performances, please get in touch, or visit the website where there are contact addresses for each performance.

Quilting in Europe

We had a most interesting time in Ste-Marie-aux-Mines at the European Patchwork show.  I learned a lot. First of all, I learned that speaking a language has more to do with communication than proper grammar, and that people are very forgiving!  I did the introductions to my songs in a combination of English and French - sometimes with helpful prompts from my audience, when I forgot a word!  (I always like to involve audiences, one way or another!)

I also learned that there is some amazing work being done in all parts of the continent.  This was a truly international show. I saw some magnificent traditional quilts, especially in the French display: lots of hexagons and wholecloth and pieced, hand-quilted masterpieces.  The Ralli Quilts from India and Pakistan, curated by Patricia Stoddard (US) were amazing, and quite possibly might be the oldest quilting tradition in the world.  I was amazed by the quilters "pushing the envelope" of our art - the challenge quilts were glorious in their manipulation of fabric (including holes, 3-D, trompe l'oeil, and lots of unusual fibres). We were lucky enough to be in the same building as Annette Gero's display of historic Australian quilts, and I took every chance to sing "I Need Another Wagga", because people could walk right out the door and see one.  I didn't get to all the displays - there were more than 20 different venues in 4 communities in the Val d'Argent - but the ones I saw were all fascinating and wonderful.

If you ever get the chance to attend this show, I would highly recommend it. I have blogged extensively about our experiences in Europe, as I always do when new things come my way.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  Feel free to share it in its entirety.  If you have any suggestions of things you would like to hear about, please get in touch at .
© Cathy Miller, October 2011