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August 2012

In this issue:
    Australia tour highlights
    New video from our SCQuilters performance
.    Fall Colours Quilting Cruise blog
.    The Quilt Show with Ricky and Alex
.    Upcoming
. What I'm working on


At 4 Mile Beach lookout, Mossman Queensland

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We are home briefly in the middle of our very busy year.  John and I have been home for a grand total of 37 days since January 2nd, and I for one am looking forward to getting some sewing time soon!

It's all good, though.  We had a great tour to Australia - mostly in Queensland - and a terrific visit to Washington State Quilters guild in Spokane.  Then we headed south to Boulder Colorado for a taping of The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson!

So, we've been pretty busy this summer (winter for you Aussies!). Time for a rest soon.....

But first, we have 3 1/2 weeks in England coming up!  It'll be our first time at the huge Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.  I can't wait.

 Happy quilting,


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Kangaroos near Charters Towers QLD


Australian Tour Highlights

We spent 30 glorious days in Australia in June and July. Our travels took us north from Sydney to the far north of Queensland.  It was winter there, so we didn't do any swimming or sunbathing, but we did have lots of wonderful adventures. 

Our first stop, was Novocastrian Quilters in Newcastle, where 165 quilters came to hear us sing at the community centre.  It was a stunning turnout on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Most of them had never heard of me before, and they came anyway! Helen and her crew were great in getting everyone to come out. Read the full blog of our first days in Australia here: 



We drove north to attend the SCQuilters' retreat in Townsville.  I've mentioned SCQuilters (Southern Cross Quilters) many times in CD liner notes.  They are the on-line quilting group in Australia and New Zealand, and I've taken great inspiration from their stories and knowledge. It's my fourth SCQ retreat, and they just get better and better! Details about the hexagons, the bling, and some rock wallabies here:





Further north after that to do some teaching and singing.  We stayed with Ruth Bloomfield in Atherton for a couple of nights.  I last saw Ruth at Houston a few years ago with her award-winning jigsaw puzzle quilt.  Ruth does landscape quilts with a confetti technique that I'd like to learn. We got to sleep in her studio - with her stash! More on this story here:



I taught classes in Mossman, Hughendon and Murwillumbah (great name, huh?). We almost got stuck in Hughendon because of rain.  When it rains in the Outback part of Australia, the mud turns into glue and it becomes impossible to drive on unpaved roads.  Also, there are dips where the water rushes through and the road becomes impassible.  We just made it through on a mostly-paved road down to Winton, only to find out that most of the hotel rooms were full because they were shooting a movie! More on this story here:

It was really important that we do make it through, though, because our next gig was singing at Sew Creative, the shop in Gatton where the World's Biggest Hexagon Quilt was made.  I wrote a song about it, and premiered it that night (I've been talking about this for months, haven't I?). The shop was full; we sang in a corner of the shop in front of the last 3 pieces of the quilt; and everyone was pumped, including me!  I got through the song successfully, and they liked it (whew!). The story and the lyrics to the song are at:

With all the staff from Sew Creative                                                         The door prize was a little piece of the quilt!

It was an incredible evening.

We were almost finished the tour, but there were a couple more gigs.  Our friend Jan Rhoades once again hosted a concert - this time in her Brisbane home.  I told the story of the WBHQ song from the night before, and showed my piece of the quilt.  It turned out one of the gals in the audience recognized some of her hexagons in my quilt!  What are the chances of that?

Lois Kidd, pointing out the two rosettes she made on my quilt.

We had lots of other adventures on this trip. My last blog entry was all about useful Aussie terminology, ginger, and Suzanis from Uzbekistan.


New Video from SCQuilters Conference performance



Fall Colours Quilting Cruise

September 22 to October 2, 2013
Quebec City to New York City
on Holland America - MS Eurodam

Susan Purney-Mark and I have started a blog to keep everyone informed about our plans for this next cruise.  Please subscribe to find out about classes, prices and other events we're planning.



The Quilt Show

We've just returned from Boulder Colorado, where I did a taping of The Quilt Show. This is Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson's on-line TV quilting program. It was a very fun day!  I demonstrated my Mock Mola Appliqué technique to Ricky, showed Alex how to make a Notan "Exploded Square" design,  sang a few songs, and had some fun with Justin.  They are planning to air the show in November.  I'll let you know when as soon as I know! (I've blogged about it, of course!)



What I'm Working On


.  I have so many ideas to try when we finish the tour to England!  I'm still working on hexagons, but not much else just now. Hungry to get back into my sewing room!

. Next up: a quilt for Fern's granddaughter, who is very much into horses.  Fern was our office helper for 10 years, and I'm so happy I can make something for her!

Upcoming Tours:

Spring Tour US and Canada:

August 16-19 Birmingham England - Festival of Quilts
     My 3 Notan classes are full, and there are only 68 spots left for the concert!
August 21 Northampton UK - Hamtune Quilt Guild concert
August 23 Haslemere, Suffolk UK concert
August 24 Staines, Surrey UK concert
August 28 Buckden, Cambs UK house concert

September  HOME!

October 9-11 Edmonds WA concert and Mock Mola class
October 24 Florence OR concert

November 13-14 Wichita KS 2 concerts and a Mock Mola class

John is starting to plan our next huge tour in 2014, again around the perimeter of the US and Canada. The confirmed gigs are up on the website already. We STILL haven't sung in Mississippi, Arkansas and West Virginia!  Help!

For details on any of these performances, please get in touch, or visit the website where there are contact addresses for each performance.

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