The Singing Quilter Newsletter

June 2012

In this issue:

    Quilting Superstitions from the 19th Century
.    Birmingham Quilt Festival in England
.    Quilting Cruise Blog
.    The Quilt Show taping
.    Australia
.    Our quick visit to Sequim
.    Upcoming
. What I'm working on

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We are getting packed up for another tour - this time, to Australia!  Yes, I know we went last year, but there are just some places we have to return to regularly.

While we're there, we expect to see lots of friends, and sing in some new places: Newcastle NSW, for one, and Mossman QLD.  I'll be teaching Mock Mola a couple of times while we're there - can't wait to see how the Aussie quilters like this technique!

I thought I'd get this newsletter off to you before we left - it's sometimes a challenge while we're on the road to get the Internet access.  I do intend to keep the blog going, though, so, to follow our travels, make sure you visit often (or, even better, subscribe so you can get it in your Inbox!).

Happy quilting,


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We have only three states left to visit in the United States!  If you know anyone who lives in Mississippi, Arkansas, or West Virginia who has contacts to quilt guilds there, please let us know!  We can't possibly retire until we've sung in them all...


Quilting Superstitions from the 19th Century:

Don't start sewing a block on Good Friday unless you are positive you can get it done before the end of the day.
It's bad luck to get blood on a quilt.
It's good luck to throw a quilt over the house (if you can do it!!!)
It is bad luck to sew a perfect quilt (not that that's a problem for me!), or to sew straight unbroken lines (though I've also heard that it's bad luck NOT to sew unbroken lines on a wedding quilt)
A "Devil's Eye" is a mistake on a quilt. If the Devil comes at night, he'll look through the mistake and won't be able to see you.

From "The Singing Quilter Songbook"



Birmingham Festival of Quilts
August 16-19, 2012

I'm very excited about our first visit to this festival, the biggest in the UK.  This will be their 10th Anniversary, and should be amazing.
For one thing, they'll have over 1000 quilts on display!

We'll see some good friends there: Canadian (but now living in England) Sandra Meech and Lisa Walton from Australia. Marti Michell will be there too.

I'll be teaching a new class: Notan Design (Exploding the Square), in the Quick and Easy Section.  I'm thrilled that my classes are almost all sold out!  There's only one spot left on 16th August and 2 left on the 19th.  The Friday (the 17th) class is sold out
There are still lots of spaces left for the concert on Saturday - it's in a big room to accommodate lots of people!

This is one of the designs for the Notan class.

Here's the website so you can see for yourself all the exciting activities.


Join the Cruise blog for
Fall Colours Cruise, September 2013

I have started a blog that you can join if you're interested in finding out more about our next quilting cruise.
Sign up for it at . That way, whenever something new comes up, you'll know about it immediately!

Sept 22/13 Quebec City (overnight)
Sept 23/13 Quebec City 4:00 p.m. Depart
Sept 24/13 Cruising Gulf of St. Lawrence Cruising only - QUILTING!!!
Sept 24/13 Scenic cruising Saguenay Fjord - maybe some QUILTING!!!
Sept 25/13 Charlottetown Prince Edward Island 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, ANYONE?)
Sept 26/13 Sydney Nova Scotia 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (HISTORIC LOUISBURG)
Sept 27/13 Halifax Nova Scotia 8:00am to 5:00 pm
Sept 28/13 Bar Harbour, Maine Tender 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sept 29/13 Boston, Massachusetts 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sept 30/13 At Sea - QUILTING!!!
Oct 01/13 Newport, Rhode Island 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Oct 02/13 New York, New York 7:00 am

For pricing information, contact John Rumsby directly and let him know you're interested in finding out more.

The Quilt Show

I'll be taping an episode of The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson on August 2nd, just before we fly to England.  It's very exciting - I was on "Simply Quilts" with Alex way back in 2002, and I've got a LOT more experience now!  I'm hoping it'll be quite a bit less terrifying this time.....

I'll let you know when the episode will be airing - they say it takes about a year.  But you could be in the audience, if you wanted!  If you are a member of The Quilt Show, you can reserve your tickets in Boulder Colorado here.


Our Quick Trip to Sequim

It's pronounced "Squim", and is very like Victoria, where we live.  It was so close to Victoria, in fact (just across the Strait of Juan de Fuca), that we could almost see our house from there!  We had a lovely time at the Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Club.  They are encouraging their members to participate in the upcoming challenge for the quilt festival by offering some amazing "rooster ribbons", made by Nina.


We also saw the remnants of "National Yarn Bombing Day" (June 9, 2012) in the parks on the main street. I'm fascinated by yarn bombing, and have written a song on "Little Crazy Quilt" about it.

Everyone in Sequim was gearing up for their annual Lavender Festival, and the club gave 3 gorgeous quilts at the meeting to various organizations to help their fundraising efforts. We sang afterwards, and received a partial standing ovation - from all the Long-armers in the crowd, after they heard "You Can Quilt That Out"!!  It seemed they'd heard some of the lines in the song from their clients! The day after our concert, I had a great time teaching a Mock Mola class, too.


What I'm Working On


I'm not spending much time in my sewing room these days - not till we get home from the summer's touring.  I'm still preparing my class "step-outs" for The Quilt Show, and putting the finishing touches on the Notan class.

I have been doing a bit of dyeing, in preparation for a big quilt I'm hoping to start in September.  I need shades of grey, and grey seems to be an elusive colour.  In the meantime, I'm having fun!

I HAVE FINISHED THE SONG about the World's Biggest Hexagon quilt, which I'll be singing in Gatton Queensland on July 12th.  Whew! Made it!

Upcoming Tours:

Summer in Australia, USA and England:

June 23     Newcastle NSW AUSTRALIA concert
June 28-April 1 Townsville QLD - SCQuilters Retreat
July 4        Atherton QLD concert
July 5        Mossman QLD concert
July 6        Mossman QLD Mock Mola class
July 7        Cairns QLD Mock Mola class
July 12      Gatton QLD - Sew Creative (shop) concert
July 13      Brisbane QLD - House concert

July 26      Spokane WA (USA) 2 shows at 1pm and 7pm

August 2   Boulder CO - taping The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and
                  Alex Anderson

August 16-19 Birmingham England - Festival of Quilts
August 21 Northampton UK - Hamtune Quilt Guild concert
August 23 Haslemere, Suffolk UK concert

John is starting to plan our next huge tour in 2014, again around the perimeter of the US and Canada. The confirmed gigs are up on the website already.

For details on any of these performances, please get in touch, or visit the website where there are contact addresses for each performance.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  Feel free to share it in its entirety.  If you have any suggestions of things you would like to hear about, please get in touch at .
Cathy Miller, June 2012