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March 2012

In this issue:
    Quilters Newsletter Magazine article
.    Birmingham Festival of Quilts
.    Ailsa Craig Quilt Festival
.    Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival
.    Baby Quilts
. Upcoming tours
. What I'm working on


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Hello, y'all!

John and I are still on tour, but we're currently "on vacation" on a beautiful sunny day in Virginia Beach, VA.  We have a lovely long-stay suite on the 11th floor, overlooking the beach and the city, with military planes practicing their take-offs and landings nearby. You don't even hear them after a while....

The tour is going well, and we've travelled many miles already.  If you would like to read about our travels, please visit the blog.

There have been two recent additions to the Miller family, and I have made baby quilts for both.  We delivered one in Toronto in February while we were there, and will meet the other baby in Halifax this month.

The daffodils are blooming here in southern Virginia, and we've already seen lots of red bud trees in bloom.  Spring is coming!

Happy quilting,


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The April/May issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine is featuring a bunch of Canadians:  the cover quilt is by Kathy Wylie, Daphne Grieg has her latest pattern, Laurie Swim is featured, and there's an article about the Singing Quilter (that's me!!!). Editor Dana Jones also included an article about the Panguitch Quilt Walk (which I've written a song about).

Don't miss it this month!

Birmingham Festival of Quilts

John has just confirmed that we'll be singing (and I'll be teaching) at the big quilt show in England
 this coming August (16-19)!!! I'm delighted. 
We've done a lot of work in the UK so far, but this will be the first time at this show. 

I'll be doing three demonstrations of Notan Design techniques during the festival, plus a concert on August 16th.  

For more details, visit their website at:


Ailsa Craig Quilt Festival

Between our two shows at the Waterloo County Quilt Guild in February we got the chance to see a wonderful trunk show presented by the organizers of the Ailsa Craig Quilt Festival.  This festival was started by the people at the quilt shop Cotton-By-Post, and taken over by the village a year ago.  Each year, they feature quilters and quilts from a different country.  This year, it's Denmark.

Not only are the quilts being featured, but some of the quilters themselves come to give workshops.  The very famous Charlotte Yde will be there, and I would give my eye teeth to take some of these classes. 

If you're in Southwestern Ontario from May 1-5, you should see if you can attend.  It'll be worth it!

Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival

Held every year at the Hampton VA Convention Center, this festival seems to have more handwork - hand quilting, appliqué and piecing - than I've seen at most shows. It's the kind of show where you come around a corner and get stopped in your tracks by a quilt - but there's no ribbon to be seen. I found an absolutely amazing queen sized quilt made of 1/2" hexagons in bright colours that was finished with perfect appliquéd circles and lots of couching that only got a 3rd prize!  The bar is VERY high at this show!  Worth a visit.


Baby Quilts

The Millers have been very productive this year, and I've been making baby quilts!

My nephew Rob and his lovely wife Sarah had Sadie in December, and my niece Anna and her husband Oliver had Kalyan in January.
I delivered his quilt to him during this tour.

When they grow up a little more, they will discover that they have similar quilts, made with love by their great aunt.

Sadie's quilt                                        Kalyan's quilt


What I'm Working On

. I'm starting to write the song about the World's Biggest Hexagon Quilt.

. Still writing the pattern for Australian Shadows quilt (see my website for a picture of this quilt) - in my spare time!

. I've started the "Beg and Borrow" quilt from my scrap bag, all paper pieced - 130 eight inch blocks.  Here are a few of the blocks (each one takes about an hour and a half to make, so it's going to take a while....) I'm working on this in hotel rooms when we have a day off. It's done by machine, but I'm wondering if it would take less time done by hand???

.  Yes, I'm still working on hexagons!!! 1/2" this time, in a snowflake pattern.

Upcoming Tours:

Spring Tour US and Canada:
Mar 7      Pepperell MA concert
Mar 8      Pepperell MA workshop
Mar 9      Milford NH concert
Mar 10    Milford NH workshop
Mar 12    Tuckahoe NJ concert
Mar 13    Tewkesbury MA concert
Mar 20    Dover NH concert

April 7      Norwell MA concert and Mock Mola class

April 12    Indianapolis IN concert

May 1       Madison WI concert
May 6       Waunakee WI concert
May 7       Lodi WI concert
May 15     Winnipeg MB Mock Mola class and Turtle class
May 16     Winnipeg MB concert
May 17     Moose Jaw SK concert
May 23     Kuna ID concert

John is planning our return to Australia in June and July this year. If you would like us to perform at your guild during any of these times, let us know.

For details on any of these performances, please get in touch, or visit the website where there are contact addresses for each performance.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  Feel free to share it in its entirety.  If you have any suggestions of things you would like to hear about, please get in touch at .
© Cathy Miller, March 2012