The Singing Quilter Newsletter

November 2012

In this issue:

    Our UK tour
    Notan Classes 
.    Fall Colours Quilting Cruise blog
.    Trilogy Christmas CD 
.    Upcoming gigs
. What I'm working on

At 4 Mile Beach lookout, Mossman Queensland

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I am happy to tell you that we're home!  We've certainly covered a lot of miles this year, between our circumnavigation of North America, and trips to Australia and England. Since we returned from the UK we've had a couple of quick trips south of the border - to Edmonds WA and Florence OR. We have one more "away" performance in Wichita KS next month.

It's great to be home!  I'm living in my sewing room these days, working on a bunch of new pieces.

I hope you have not been affected by the recent events of Hurricane Sandy, nor the earthquake off the coast of British Columbia. It's a reminder to be prepared for anything, and to appreciate every beautiful day.

 Happy quilting,


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with my friend Janet Chisholm at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts


Our UK Tour

We had a glorious 3 1/2 weeks in the UK, mostly in England and Scotland.  We got some time to be tourists and visited Coventry Cathedral (famous because it was almost entirely destroyed during WWII and was rebuilt in a modern style after the war).  We also spent a day at Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey)!  I, along with hundreds of others, shuffled along the corridors of the house, amazed at the size, the decor, and seeing where the "upstairs" part of the TV show is filmed. I couldn't take any pictures inside, but it is gorgeous (too big for me, though.....).

I love castles, and we had time while we were in the Oban area (Scotland) to visit my favourite castle of all: Kilchurn. It's in ruins at the north end of Loch Awe (great name for a lake!), but is often featured in tourist photos because it's so darned picturesque! 

We visited lots of family members and friends, and enjoyed the summer temperatures. I have a much more complete account on my blog.


Notan Classes

 The main reason for our trip to the UK was to sing and teach at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.  This is THE big show in the UK, and I was very excited to finally get there.  I was to teach three one-hour demonstrations of NOTAN: Exploding the Square (a Japanese term for "dark-light", and a great lesson in understanding positive/negative in art). My students, using construction paper and scissors, each made several designs during the classes and there was much excitement (and digital camera use!) to see each other's designs. Here are a few:


You can see more here. Click on the link for "Notan".

I've just received pictures from a student who took my Mock Mola Applique class in Edmonds Washington 3 weeks ago. 
Daleah has been very busy with the technique since, and she sent pics of SEVEN new quilts she's made!  See more of them

Tropical scene by Daleah Lawson


Fall Colours Quilting Cruise

September 22 to October 2, 2013
Quebec City to New York City
on Holland America - MS Eurodam

Christmas is coming, and wouldn't you just love to get tickets to a quilting cruise under the tree? For a deposit of only $100, you can reserve your spot on our next adventure!

We have a new website with pricing details and everything you need to know about the booking.  Please note that these prices INCLUDE the post-cruise 3-day tour of New York City.  If you decide not to participate in this, please send a note to our cruise coordinator, John Rumsby, for cruise-only prices.

Susan Purney-Mark and I have started a blog to keep everyone informed about our plans for this next cruise.  Please subscribe to find out about classes, prices and other events we're planning.  We are currently blogging about our ports of call, starting with Quebec City.



Trilogy - Two Thousand Years of Christmas

Are you looking for some different seasonal music this year?

Can't stand to hear the same old carols over and over again?

Between 1994 and 2001, my friends Eileen McGann and David K and I toured a show called "Two Thousand Years of Christmas".
It was a social history of Christmas, and we found rare and wonderful seasonal songs from several centuries, plus a few original numbers,
to which we added magnificent harmonies and multi-instrumentals.

It has become required holiday listening in many households, and we still get emails every year to see if we're touring the show again.
At this point, it's not likely to happen.

The CD we recorded is sold out, but, thanks to modern technology, it is still available as a download.

Listen to samples of the songs and order your copy here.  


What I'm Working On

.  We have a long stretch home now, and it's a perfect time to learn some new techniques.  I know myself well - especially how good I am at procrastinating. Even in songwriting, I do my best work when I squeeze myself into a challenge, or deadline.  So I have invited two very good friends (one painter, one potter) to join me in a group challenge.  In a year and a half, we'll put on a public show and offer our work! Our show will be called "Refractions: Mud, Brush and Needle", and each of us will create 10 pieces for it.  Here's my first small wall hanging:

. I have finished the double bed sized quilt for my former neighbour's granddaughter and gave it to Fern on Sunday. I had lots of fun collecting the horse fabric in our travels!


Upcoming Tours:


November 13-14 WICHITA KS 2 concerts and a Mock Mola class

December 14 VICTORIA BC Deep Cove Folk Club 7pm

John continues to organize our huge tour in 2014, again around the perimeter of the US and Canada. The confirmed gigs are up on the website already. He has just confirmed our very first appearance in West Virginia for June 2013!! We STILL haven't sung in Mississippi or Arkansas.  Help!

For details on any of these performances, please get in touch, or visit the website where there are contact addresses for each performance.

Here's what the Mock Mola class at Quilters Anonymous in Edmonds WA produced when I visited them in September.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  Feel free to share it in its entirety.  If you have any suggestions of things you would like to hear about, please get in touch at .
Cathy Miller, November 2012