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November 2013

In this issue:

    Block of the Month starts again
.    Houston recap
.    Students' Work - NOTAN classes
.    Article in Grand Junction newspaper
.    Upcoming gigs
. What I'm working on

John and Cathy meeting Chris Hadfield
at his book signing at NASA

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Welcome to new members who have just signed up from our gigs in Texas!

It's been a very busy month, and I have lots to tell you about, with concerts and classes, the Houston Quilt Festival, some fun time off, great weather, Texas barbecue and seafood, and lots and lots of wonderful people. I'm so lucky to be able to do what I do!

As we were leaving our show in Baytown Texas, Tanya told me that she had crossed off an item from her "bucket list" that night: seeing us perform live!  I just about fell over - I'm so glad I remembered to take our picture together in the parking lot (see right)! 

But the best part of this wonderful tour was without question meeting a truly famous person: Colonel Chris Hadfield (Canadian astronaut and musician) at a book signing at NASA in Houston area. (see picture to the left) We are huge fans of his, and admire how he's made space cool again - including making a music video ( while commanding the International Space Station!

What was the best part of YOUR month?

 Happy quilting,


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Tanya had me on her bucket list!!!


Star and Plume Block of the Month

Due to popular demand, I'll be starting a Block of the Month for this quilt again on December 15th.

There are already 20 quilters who are 7 months into this quilt, and they are creating some beautiful blocks!
To see what they're working on, check out the Star and Plume blog.

If you would like to join us, please visit the "NEW Block of the Month" tab on the website, and sign up.

The cost is $5/month, which will be charged to you via PayPal. 
You will receive two patterns each month for a 24 month period (there are 48 blocks in this quilt).

Houston Recap

We had a busy and exciting time at the Houston Quilt Festival. 
I met so many "fans" and friends and people who love my music, it was quite gratifying. 
Thank you, everyone, for keeping me in your life!

We took lots of pictures of people who stopped by the booth, and even more of wonderful quilts in the show. Here are a few for your enjoyment.

With Katie Pasquini Masopust at the show.
I took a class from her in February and it was great to see her again.
Katie was one of the judges of the show.

The Aurifil booth had miniature golf, made with spools of thread!

This is Rose Garden by Vicki Bonhoff - all hexagons!

I loved this hexagon quilt by Geta Grama (Romania)! It's a flat quilt.

I told you last month that I was going to volunteer at the Alzheimer's Art Quilts Initiative sale for a couple of hours.
Whenever I was there (and wearing the tiara), anyone who bought a little quilt for the cause would get their quilt
sent off with a song from me, composed on the spot.

Ami Sims, Debbie and all the volunteers outdid themselves this year. Not only were there LOTS of quilts to sell,
but they actually broke ONE MILLION DOLLARS raised to fight the disease!
They also broke their previous record of funds raised during the Houston show.
I'm so proud of them all!

Debbie, Ami and Kathy celebrating with some of the little quilts for sale.

I wrote a LOT of little songs for people while I was there!
I'm so happy that Ami had her phone to video some of them.
These are all songs written AS I SING THEM, so they don't often rhyme.
But they are heartfelt, and are usually well received.
I'm happy to have had a small part in keeping things exciting and fun at the sale this year.

Check out some of the songs listed below.

It's a Happy Day (it's a sing along!)
Hearts Abound
It's Just a Little Quilt  (get your hankies out!)
Bonita Anita Bought a Bathroom Quilt (very silly!)



Most of the classes I've been teaching on this tour have been Notan - and everyone is rising to the challenge of this fun design technique beautifully! We're taking this technique which I call "Exploding the Square" into new and gorgeous areas. I've taken LOTS of pictures of the pieces (most of them have been done on paper in the morning, then each student picks her favourite to make into a quilt in the afternoon).

Here are some pictures of the classes. First, the class in Sulphur Louisiana, at Terry's Fabric Cottage. She had a dog named Button and a cat named Bobbin, as well as a huge collection of M&Ms (chocolates) gear. We worked amid their lovely quilts (check out the pumpkin behind Terry). Lots of great Notan ideas.

This is Terry!                                 This one's on paper                                       Here's an asymmetrical one on paper.

Next, a full-day class in Grand Junction Colorado.  We had a GREAT time - 19 students, and a great many of them finished their Notans in class. There are WAY too many to show all of them here, but here are some of the highlights. (If there is white on the picture, it is done with paper.)


Move over Hip-Hop fans!

Our visit to Grand Junction Colorado prompted the local newspaper to do an article about us in preparation for our show.
Would you believe it: they have a staffer who writes regularly about quilting!?!?!

I loved what she wrote about us - it was true (she didn't make anything up), well written and well researched.
What a pleasure!

She titled her piece: "Move over hip-hop fans ... shop-hop singer big hit"!!!

Thanks, Sherida Warner - you made my day!

What I'm Working On


At Houston Quilt Festival, I bought myself a few hand-dyed fabrics.  We stopped in at La Veta Colorado to see Ricky Tims and sing a few songs for the opening night of their quilt retreat, and I picked up several more.  I think there are some spectacular pieces in my future!

John, Ricky, Justin and me

At Houston I also invested in my first "bling" - Swarovski crystals!!!  The snowflake hexagon quilt I've been working on is going to be gorgeous with some crystals on it.

All this, of course, is in the future, when I get home - I'm still working on little hexes in the car for now.

Upcoming Tours:

November 20 Canmore, AB

We'll be flying to Australia for part of December and January. There's a possibility of some gigs down there, as well as one in Hawaii on the way home - watch this space! As soon as we confirm them, I'll put them up on the website.

John continues to organize our huge tour in 2014, again around the perimeter of the US and Canada. It will start March 3rd in Roseburg, Oregon. He's just confirmed our FIRST SHOW IN 2016! The confirmed gigs are up on the website.  We STILL haven't sung in Mississippi or Arkansas.  Help!

For details on any of these performances, please get in touch, or visit the Tour Itinerary page of the website where there are contact addresses for each performance.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  Feel free to share it in its entirety.  If you have any suggestions of things you would like to hear about, please get in touch at .
Cathy Miller, November 2013

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