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September 2013

In this issue:

    Block of the Month update
.    Quilts for Alberta Flood victims update
.    YouTube video of Multi-tasking
.    Upcoming gigs
. What I'm working on

Susan Purney Mark and I getting our sea legs ready for our cruise!

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Well, all good things must end, and it's time, with the cooling weather and the beginning of the rainy season in Victoria, to get back on the road!

We've had a marvellous summer and I hope you have as well. I'm having a hard time keeping up with the bumper crop of tomatoes I've grown, and for the first time, I have enough to freeze, dry and can for the winter.  I even have enough that I don't mind donating a few to the slugs and local raccoon (who seems more interested in the kale than the tomatoes anyway).

I hope the coming of autumn has given you renewed creative energy.

 Happy quilting,


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This is the latest in my Refractions series.


Block of the Month

I have spent July and August making the blocks up to next July. It seems as if I won't be home much between now and then!

You can follow along and see what the others are making by visiting the blog at
People are posting their blocks as they make them, and I'm finding it really interesting to see each block done in different colours and shades.

Here are a couple of versions of the House on the Hill block, done by Janet and Carin.
I love it that they personalized Sunbonnet Sue's home with their own touches.



Quilts for Alberta Flood Victims

In June, Alberta suffered the worst flooding in its recorded history, as a result of excessive rain.
In Calgary, large parts of downtown were under water, and the pictures were riveting and horrible for me.
I lived in Calgary from 1990 to 2000 and still hold a piece of it in my heart.

There were 1352 quilts made to give to Calgary flood victim by quilters from as far afield as Brazil!
They have started giving them away by going door-to-door in the worst affected areas.
Here's a video of the much-loved Mayor of Calgary, hugging an armload of quilts as he talks about what these quilts mean for people.

There are still quilts being made for other areas in Alberta, including High River, where the worst flooding occurred.

Learn more about the flood at


Multi Tasking

You may have already seen this YouTube video - it's been making the rounds. But I had to share it with you.  This woman really knows how to make the best use of her time, doing an important, but boring job.  Here's where Old and New Technology intersects!



What I'm Working On

 I'm sorry to say my time is over at home for creating by machine. It's been an amazing time, and I've learned a lot and stretched myself while making the Refractions quilts. For the next few months I'll be working on little hexagons again on my travels.  My current favourite size is 3/8", and I think I'll be doing small pieces - trivet size.  That way I can try out new colour combinations and use up some scraps.  Here's one piece in progress.

Upcoming Tours:

My next adventure will be the Fall Colours Quilting Cruise, departing from Quebec City, QC on the 22nd of September.  We'll arrive in New York City on October 2nd.

October 14 Abilene TX concert and Mock Mola class
October 15 Keller TX concert
October 16 Keller TX Mock Mola class
October 17 Texas City, TX concert
October 24 Victoria TX concert and 1/2 day Notan class
October 25 Victoria TX Mock Mola class
October 28 Joshua TX concert

October 30 to November 3 We'll have a booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston!

November 4  Baytown TX concert
November 6  Missouri TX concert
November 8 Sulphur LA Notan class
November 13 Grand Junction CO concert
November 14 Grand Junction CO Notan class
November 20 Canmore, AB

John continues to organize our huge tour in 2014, again around the perimeter of the US and Canada. He's just confirmed our FIRST SHOW IN 2016!!! The confirmed gigs are up on the website.  We STILL haven't sung in Mississippi or Arkansas.  Help!

For details on any of these performances, please get in touch, or visit the Tour Itinerary page of the website where there are contact addresses for each performance.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  Feel free to share it in its entirety.  If you have any suggestions of things you would like to hear about, please get in touch at .
Cathy Miller, September 2013

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