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December 2015

In this issue:

.    Cruise Update
.    Rajah Quilt Block of the Month
.    Star and Plume sighting in Humble, TX
.    Houston Quilt Market and Festival
.    Bad luck on the car front
.    Mock Mola classes
.    Upcoming gigs
. What I'm working on


Cathy Miller and her husband John Bunge, of Victoria BC Canada travel the world singing songs about quilts, quilters and quilting. 
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Cathy Miller and John Bunge
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The fall has slipped by and now it's winter - and CHRISTMAS!

We are heading out soon to spend Christmas with family in Edmonton - packing our down jackets and layers to keep warm (we live in a much milder climate in Victoria).

I hope your Christmas and holiday season is filled with finished projects (just in time to get wrapped and under the tree!), happy family times and good (but not too much) food!  I appreciate your support of what I do so much.  Thank you for reading, and for listening and responding to my music. I hope we can see you at some point during the upcoming last year of our Big Driving Tours.

I have lots to tell you about and show you in this newsletter, so let's get going!


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Ulla came to the Santa Barbara class with her finished Mock Mola piece from my class in Kona Hawaii!

2015 Aloha Quilt Cruise
September 19-October 4, 2015
Round Trip from Vancouver to Hawaii on the ms Star Princess

We had a mostly wonderful time on the cruise to Hawaii.  45 cruisers, lots of quilting, shopping and fun together.  Unfortunately there was a lot of illness aboard on this cruise, and we actually made the news when we arrived in Vancouver - Norovirus slowed down the turn-around of the ship, and they didn't start loading the next batch of cruisers until after 5:30 that night!

The weather was warm, but cloudy and somewhat rainy.  That didn't stop us from having fun at two shop hops (on the Big Island and Kauai), and finding quilt shops on the others.  We did our classes in two restaurants on board, and the ship was very accommodating - they even picked up and delivered all our sewing machines to the classrooms so we didn't have to haul them around ourselves.

There was lots accomplished, and I was very happy to see the results of my classes.  Here are some pictures from our 15 days on the boat!

Opening cocktail party - ready to go!                         One of our cruisers had to cancel at the last minute,
                                                                                                 so her friends sent her this picture so she knew she was missed!

Shave ice (mango flavoured) - the thing to do in Maui!                                             Leaving Kauai, the sun shone.
Eating yellow snow!                                                                           We had a lot of cloudy skies on this cruise

Class results: on the left, one of the Fractured Mock Mola pieces and on the right, a few of the Hawaiian Mock Molas, all finished!

I also taught Hexagons: State of the Art, and here are a few results from the Lucy Boston fussy cutting we did in the afternoon!

This is Brandy Lynn Maslowski, my co-teacher, and the organizer of the cruise.
It was great to work with her, and I enjoyed our time together.



Rajah Quilt Block of the Month

For those of you who are familiar with my song "The Rajah Quilt" (which I recorded on "One Stitch At A Time", the first quilting CD),
you might be interested in this block of the month. I just heard about it through The Quilt Show.

The BOM starts in January and will last 12 months and result in a reproduction of this hugely important quilt at 66"x66".

For further information, please visit The Quilt Show.


Star and Plume Sightings

There are quite a few Block of the Monthers making my Star and Plume quilt, and a lot of them are in Texas, it seems!  When we did a show in Humble a few weeks ago, one of them arrived with her blocks!  Karen is in the group that will be finishing up on December 1st. She told me that when she heard I was coming she had only made 7 blocks.  In the next month she got busy and was up to 43 by the time I arrived.  That's a lot of work!!! 

Karen brought her blocks to the guild meeting in Humble TX

This is the top half of her blocks                                                  and here is the bottom half

Congratulations, Karen for all the beautiful work!  You're almost finished.

Next, in Nassau Bay TX, Tanya brought all of her blocks too!  They look totally different.

I am starting to collect names for another round of this block of the month, probably starting in June.
Let me know if you'd like to make this quilt!


Houston Quilt Market and Festival

Since we were on tour in Texas and had some time off between gigs, I offered to help out my friend Pam Bocko at her booth for the Houston Quilt show.
This was my first time at Market (that's the wholesale show for shops), but not my first time at Festival.
Pam is the designer at Pieceful Designs from Eugene Oregon, and I love her whimsical work! 

Here's Pam and her mom Barbara at the booth, just before Market opens. The booth was filled with her wonderful patterns!
And we had a great time together.

We met Pam and her husband Rick when we were in Hawaii last February.  It was great to spend some more time with her and her mom.  I got an entirely different view of the festival working in a pattern booth - it's quite a bit busier than selling CDs there!!!

Consequently, I didn't have very much time to wander around the show. I did get out to see a few friends, though.

Katja Marek (the Millefiore queen) at Market                   Alison Garner gave me a private tour of the Magna Carta Quilts!

Karla Overland from Cherrywood Fabrics and the Wicked quilts.        My friend Tanya Smith came to say hi at the booth!

Here's my "selfie" with Ricky (after I claimed my hug!)


Bad luck on the car front

We've been very lucky, over the years, with our travels.  No serious issues, no crashes, no scrapes.

Until Houston.

It was raining a LOT, and we were parked in an underground condo parking garage.
Inside the car, 6 inches of water!

Happily, there was no permanent damage, although we did spend the next 5 days bailing and mopping out the car.


I taught the Mock Mola class several times on the Texas tour - it is always SO GOOD to see what everyone makes!

At Festival, Marsha brought a piece she was working on on the bus from Weatherford.  We had just sung for her guild, and she did this on her longarm after we left!

She's still cutting it, but it's almost done!

I love this piece by Nancy from the Santa Barbara guild.
She used her patterned fabric underneath to make a really spectacular quilt, full of lots of luminescence.

Here's the class from Bryan Texas, plus a couple of close-ups.


In Nassau Bay we met at the local quilt shop and took this picture in the parking lot!

This is most of the class at the Greater Houston Quilt Guild.  Too many to fit into the picture!


I also taught one class of Hexagons: State of the Art.  In the afternoon, we play with fussy cutting and Lucy Boston blocks.
This is some of the work from the class in New Braunfels - isn't fussy cutting the most fun EVER?
Each one was cut from a single piece of fabric - mostly border prints and big prints.



What I'm Working On

 Throughout the Texas tour, all I worked on was my Millefiore quilt - I got it all pieced on the cruise, and have been busy filling in the corners - one more month to go, then I'll show you a picture of it all finished!

Here's a picture of the tough life of the touring musician:  I finished one of my rosettes pool-side on the cruise ship!

I will be away for three weeks in January, so when we return, I'll be working hard to finish my Millefiore so I can show everyone on the spring tour, as well as finishing the quilting on a hexagon snowflake I've had on the go for a few years. I'm hoping to also get another family quilt (a late wedding present!) done too - lots to do!




Upcoming Tours:

2016 will be our last year of doing big tours by car.   If you want us to come to your guild (or come BACK), please talk to your program person now so that we can fit you into our schedule.

John is still booking next year's tour everywhere in North America (including Alaska!)  Let us know if you want us to come to you!

John has FINALLY confirmed a booking in Arkansas!  That means we're only missing Mississippi in our tours!!!  WE CAN'T RETIRE UNTIL WE'VE DONE MISSISSIPPI!  Do you know any quilt guilds there?  We need to sing for them!

Jan 8&9 2016: WESLACO TX (concert and 2 Mock Mola workshops)

After that, I'll be joining John on a cruise through the Panama Canal. (No work, this time, just fun!)

Feb 9 2016: VICTORIA BC Victoria Quilters' Guild (concert 7pm)
Feb 23: NORTH VANCOUVER Lions Gate Quilters Guild (Concert 7:30m)
Feb 24: CHILLIWACK BC Chilliwack Piecemakers' Quilt Guild (Concert 7pm)
Feb 25: COLWOOD BC Westshore Quilters Guild (Concert 7pm)

In March we head out for another big circuit, heading down to Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and beyond.

For details on any of these performances, please get in touch, or visit the Tour Itinerary page of the website where there are contact addresses for each performance.

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Cathy Miller, December 2015

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