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March 2016

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.    We're back on tour
.    Mock Mola classes
.    Fabric for sale!
.    Upcoming gigs
. What I'm working on

We sang in my home guild: Victoria Quilters Guild
in February. First time in ages!

Cathy Miller and her husband John Bunge, of Victoria BC Canada travel the world singing songs about quilts, quilters and quilting. 
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Cathy Miller and John Bunge
1464 Cranbrook Place, Victoria BC V8P 1Z7



As we begin this last year of Big Drives, I can't help but think how it will be next year, when I'm home and missing everyone.  We will be hanging up our car keys at the end of this year.  That doesn't mean that I'll be retiring!!! (How could I possibly retire from something I love so much?) It just means we won't be as accessible as we were - no huge drives back and forth across many countries, hauling all the gear: CDs, quilts, sound system, guitar. 

I'm starting to get a little excited about the opportunities I'll have when we stop these lengthy trips and stay home for longer.  Maybe I'll become a "foodie" and take cooking classes.  I might try to put together a jazz band and do local gigs (no guitar playing! Woo hoo!). I might finally be able to do a proper job with my quilt guild, rather than just popping in once in a while. Or maybe I'll start teaching private singing lessons again. I've missed it.

There are lots of opportunities, and of course lots of quilts to make too.

But there's another 8 1/2 months to go before any of that can start to happen.  And many miles to go before we sleep!


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I just met Brenda Esslinger at the guild in Edmonds OK.
She wrote the book "Fabulous Fractures" that I used
to make two of my Refractions quilts.
It was great to meet her!


We're Back On Tour

I write this from a hotel room in Oklahoma (not on Mustang Island TX, where this picture of white ibis was taken).  We have started our last Big Swing of the United States, and it's going very well.  I am endeavouring to enjoy every moment - every mile and every restaurant meal - of this last circuit.  Last night someone told me she has contacts in Mississippi and will try VERY HARD to get us a gig there during this tour!  That's the last US state to go for us, and I really hope we can get something there.

This is a 3 month tour, and you can find the entire itinerary at Dates for March and April are listed below.

I really hope we can see you at some point during the tour.  If not, we'll have another (final) tour in the fall.  There are still spaces to fill there.



Mock Mola Classes

I'm going to be teaching this class THIRTEEN TIMES during this tour!  I hope you can make it to one of them.
Thanks to Hobbs Batting, I am bringing black batting for EVERYONE!!!
Here are a few pictures of recent classes, one from way back in January.

This was the class from McAllen Texas. 

Above left: she made two pieces during class. This was the second - the challenge was for her to add another colour to her design.
It turned out beautifully.
Above right: Laura kept going using Mock Mola after the class and sent this picture of another finished one she made.


The first stop on this spring tour was in Corpus Christi TX
For the first time, EVERYONE got their pieces finished in class!

The class in Corpus Christi produced some very lovely pieces.  Here are a couple of closeups:

Above left: both pieces used the same rainbow fabric (see below if you want to buy some!), but they did different designs.
Above right: both pieces featured circles, but different fabric and design - and the blue one cut out the background instead of the circles.

Our next stop was Edmonds Oklahoma and another class of overachievers!
This class also got everything done before show and tell at the meeting that evening!
n (and look at those smiles)



Rainbow Fabric
Special deal for newsletter subscribers!

I am not normally in the business of selling fabric, but I have recently found 6 yards of the rainbow fabric I used to make my first Mock Mola piece: Hot and Cold.
This is an old Benartex fabric, not available any more from the company.

I've cut it into fat quarters, and am selling them at $5.00 each (plus postage within North America).
Here's what it looks like:


 To order a copy of the "Hot and Cold" pattern (done using Mock Mola appliqué), check out the Patterns page of the website:

What I'm Working On

 Hmm. Not much time to work on anything just now.  But I wanted to show you how my Millie turned out.  I asked three friends to bring theirs along to our show at the Victoria Quilters' Guild (my home guild) in February.  Wow!

Back in January I also made a flannel wedding quilt for my nephew and his wife.  They'll get it in the fall, when we can deliver it in person. (Shhhh! They don't know about it yet!) Yes, those are John's feet!




Upcoming Tours:

2016 will be our last year of doing big tours by car.   If you want us to come to your guild (or come BACK), please talk to your program person now so that we can fit you into our schedule.

John is still booking this year's tour everywhere in North America (including Alaska!)  Let us know if you want us to come to you.

John has FINALLY confirmed a booking in Arkansas!  That means we're only missing Mississippi in our tours!!!  WE CAN'T RETIRE UNTIL WE'VE DONE MISSISSIPPI!  Do you know any quilt guilds there?  We need to sing for them!

March 17 Tulsa OK (concert)
March 18 Tulsa OK (concert and Notan class)
March 19 Tulsa OK (Mock Mola class)
March 21 Prescott AZ (concert)
March 22 Prescott AZ (Mock Mola class)
March 27 Fort Smith AR (Mock Mola class)
March 28 Fort Smith AR (concert)
March 31 Leesburg FL (concert and Notan class)

April 6 Bunnell FL (concert)
April 7 Gainesville FL (concert and Turtle appliqué class)
April 9 Miami FL (concert)
April 10 Miami FL (Mock Mola class)
April 14 Stuart FL (concert)
April 16 Stuart FL (Mock Mola class)
April 19 Fort Myers FL (concert)
April 20 Fort Myers FL (Mock Mola class)
April 26 Blairsville GA (concert)
April 27 Blairsville GA (Mock Mola class)

In May we'll be in GA, KY, OH, MI, and finish up in Roxbury MA on the 28th.

For details on any of these performances, please get in touch, or visit the Tour Itinerary page of the website where there are contact addresses for each performance.

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