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September 2016  Preparation for our last driving tour in North America, report on trip to Palmer, Alaska in July, new pieces I've been working on.

May 2016 Mid-tour report, final Star and Plume block of the month starts June 15th, Mock Mola pictures, SAVE 20% OFFER from Showcase Quilting for Stitch and Reveal designs.

March 2016 The beginning of our last year of Big Driving tours, new Mock Mola quilts, FABRIC FOR SALE!, my finished Millie, and a flannelette wedding quilt.

December 2015 Report on our fall tour to Texas, lots of pictures of Mock Mola quilts, a mishap with the car, announcing the Rajah quilt block of the month, Star and Plume block of the month sightings.

August 2015 Quilts inspired by my lyrics and patterns, presentation of Embrace: my newest quilt, giving My Grandfather's Brother quilt to museum, update on "My Millie" - month 7 completed

May 2015 Report on Paducah, Star and Plume block of the month starts again June 1st, A Great Little Light, Peshtigo Fire Quilt story update, Update on "My Millie"

March 2015  Hawaii Report, Millefiore obsession, Star and Plume Shades of Grey finished, The Quilt Show offers free shows during International Quilting Weekend.

January 2015 New classes being offered, update on Aloha Quilt Cruise and details on our Paducah show/classes.

December 2014 Aloha Quilt Cruise announced for September/October 2015, and the beginning of the end of our touring.

November 2014 Our fall tour to Ontario and Manitoba.

September 2014 A visit to Depot Harbour Ontario, a new (to me) useful product, and my new Murphy Wall Bed.

June 2014 Students' work from the end of the spring tour, and information about Canada's new Anti-Spam legislation.

April 2014 Touring in Texas and Florida, lyrics to "Done is Better than Perfect", a new song idea, and a new class idea.

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