The Singing Quilter Songbook


"If you enjoy Cathy Miller's songs, you'll love this book!"
Quilter's Connection Magazine

Stories, Sheet Music, Patterns, Photographs
68 songs included!

For years, I have had the dream of putting all the stories of my songs down in one place, so they could continue to inspire quilters.  We're always asked if the stories are on the CDs.  We don't record them because they change as I get more information about each one, and there's only a little bit of room on the CD booklet for explanations. 

After the release of Quilting CD #5 (Little Crazy Quilt), I felt it was time to change that - time to collect everything I've learned in one place.  This includes quite a few of the best stories people have told me AFTER I've written the songs.  Quilting tidbits that have become part of the fabric of the songs for me, but that I don't ever have time to tell. 

While I was at it, why not include the scores of the songs, just in case people want to sing or play along?

So --- here it is!  68 songs that I've recorded since I became the Singing Quilter in 2000.  How I play the chords, the melodies, all the lyrics, stories, photographs and other fun stuff I've gathered over the years.  There are even a few patterns: notably, the knitting pattern for Sweaters for Penguins, How to Make a Crazy Quilt, the Quilter's Delight block instructions, the Double Anchor block (from "My Grandfather's Brother" quilt) and a few ideas on how to use scraps.

If you're a fan of my work, this is an exciting addition to your collection!

"The songs have become even more meaningful now that I understand the back story.
I am really happy to have this book:+))))"
Rosemary in Lebanon, PA

Songs, Pictures, Superstitions, Tidbits, Patterns, Stories!