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2010: Little Crazy Quilt - - 14 songs, including 2 "pre-quilting" songs by Cathy, one new knitting song about Yarn Bombing, and 2 quilting "oldies".

Featured songs are "Treat it Right", "You Just Might be a Quilter", "Quilt of Belonging" and "Panguitch" (a piece of Mormon history).

Also "Little Crazy Quilt" (from the Patti Page songbook), "Martha" (about a quilt made by a freed slave in Liberia for Queen Victoria), "Two Peas in a Pod" (John's solo), ""Buzzing at the Bee", "Midnight Knitters", "Dance Beneath the Moon", "The Oak Leaf", "The Sewing Machine" (from the movie "Perils of Pauline" in 1947), "I Remember You" (written for Ami Sims' Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative), "Duncans Cove".


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2006: In the Heart of a Quilt - 14 new quilting songs with a reggae, bossa nova, and rhumba.

Featured songs are "Shop Hopping" and "Why Don't You Have Plain White". 

Also: "One Pot of Soup", "The Duck Neck Quilt" from Alaska, "How Do You Build a House?", "Boots and Bayonets" (WWII commemorative quilt made for Burlington Teen Tour Marching Band), "My Grandfather's Brother", "Done is Better than Perfect", "The Quilt Teacher's Life", "Paducah" (about a suicide quilt that saves someone's life), "No Such Thing as an Ugly Quilt", "Like Needle and Thread", and "Masterpiece".


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2004: A Quilter's World a whopping 16 songs, including "You Can Quilt That Out" about longarmers, and "Sweaters for Penguins" about knitting.

Also "12 Step Plan for Quilters", "I Need Another Wagga", "The Patchwork Quilt", "Stitching in the Ditch", "When the Boys Were Thirsty", "Quilt of Names" (about a WWII Canadian Red Cross quilt that came home), "Cats", "Peshtigo Fire" (a Wisconsin history story), "Star and Plume", "Lullaby", "Give and Take", "Seeing Nellie Home", "Make me a Quilt".


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2002: A Quilter's Embrace 14 more songs about quilting, featuring John's solo: "The Quilter's Husband's Lament".

Also "Quilter's Alphabet", "A Quilt for Gran", "The Trapper and His Bride", "Prince Charming", "A Quilter's Embrace", "Old Glory" (about the original flag and the quilt that kept it safe during the Civil War), "Before I was a Quiltmaker", "When I Die", "A Quilt and a Kettle" (about a quilt made on the Oregon Trail), "Nine Months", "Frog Stitch", "Healing Hearts", "My Hands".


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2000: One Stitch at a Time  the first CD of songs about quilts, quilters and quilting.

"100 Ways to Hide Your Stash", "The Rajah Quilt", "Time Flies" (about the WWII Changi quilts). Also: "The Extra Chair", "Follow the Stars to Freedom" (based on the book "Hidden in Plain View"), "Scrap Bag Polka", "It Ain't Finished Yet", "Names" (about the AIDS quilt), "Toss the Cat", "Just Look Up", "One Stitch at a Time", "Patchwork of Life".


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1999: Living for the Stars  acoustic swing with a whole lot of fun! The last full-length CD before Cathy took up quilting songs full-time.

Songs include: "Take a Break from Love", "Goodnight Irene", "Cumberland", "God Bless the Backhoe", "Falling for Me", "Whirlpool of Love", "My Funny Valentine", "Say It Out Loud", "Swing Geezers", "Star Light", "Living for the Stars", "A Million Miles Away", "Now There Is No Rain".

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1996: Trilogy's "Two Thousand Years of Christmas"  great harmonies, rare and wonderful Yuletide songs.
Cathy sings with two very talented friends, Eileen McGann and David K.

The songs are: "O Magnum Mysterium", ""Down in Yon Forest", "Gloucester Wassail", "Brightest and Best", "Coventry Carol", "Cherry Tree Carol", "Huron Carol", "Who's the Fool Now?", "Dona Nobis Pacem", "Light from the Lighthouse", "Tonight is for Christmas", "Turn it Around", "New Star Shining", "Snow Shanty", "Christmas in the Trenches", "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch", "Rejoice! Rejoice!".

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